Sunday, February 24, 2013



Reverend Bishop D. Fernando Rifan cumpliments the Pope
who supported him all the time to lead the clergy and faithful of the
Apostolic Administration Saint John Mary Vianney as the 
Shepherd of such Traditional Catholic Personal Prelazia
Campos - RJ Brazil

            The Church is full of mysteries, the Church  itself is a mystery in comparison with a sacrament.  One thing  is what this represents to be, another thing it is what this really is. And the Church, like His Divine Founder, has its divine and human sides. Divine in their institution, doctrine and saving grace that given us, and human in its members, often sinners, she "is at once holy and always in need of purification" (LG 8).

            It happens to people that is not always imbued with the spirit of Faith to speculate the problems of the Catholic Church, people who is too focused on his  human and organizational and structural part, forgetting the divine part, which is much more important, and the presence in it of its Founder, assisting it through the Divine Holy Spirit. But already for two thousand years, it "continues its pilgrimage amid the persecutions of the world and the consolations of God" (LG 8).

            Then, what's ultimately is behind the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Besides the visible reasons, appointed by the Pope himself - "forces no longer enough, vigor of body and spirit, due to old age" - there are other hidden factors. All are curious and I'm going to reveal what is really behind the attitudes of the Pope.

            Is only able to give up this position of magnitude importance and influence who, looking beyond the human perspectives, has a deep faith in God, the divinity of his Church and the assistance of the One which the Pope is the representative on earth 'trust Holy Church's solicitude for her Supreme Pastor, Our Lord Jesus Christ "(Benedict XVI). 

            The faith is the basis of hope and confidence, and behind this resignation there is a clear sublime trust in  God: The barque of Peter will never sink in the stormy sea, nor depend on us for that, "...and.the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (Mt 16, 18).  Behind this waiver, we see a great love for God and his Church, "a decision of great importance to the life of the Church," as he said.

The Pope has declared his act as "a detachment of high office and influential position, saying he was just a "humble servant", a deep humility from his site, judging himself  not necessary and recognizing his own weakness and inability of body and spirit to properly exercise the Petrine ministry, by asking his forgiveness - "I ask forgiveness for all my shortcomings."

Alongside the heroism of Blessed John Paul II to take personal suffering to end, we have the great heroism of Benedict XVI to resign for love of the Church, to avoid any suffering for it. In the early Church, in time of persecution, there were Christians who decided to stay where they were and face martyrdom. Example of fortitude. 

There were other Christians who, fearing persecution and their perseverance, decided to   flee persecution and seek refuge in the desert to pray and do penance, away from the world. Example of humility. 

There were saints in both positions, some of those were brave, while some withdrew. Heroism of fortitude and heroism of humility, fruits of Faith Church made them heroes of the Faith!
                           * Bishop of the Apostolic Administration of St. John Vianney

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